Welcome to the Law Office of Ken Koenen  

We are a small law office in Peoria, Arizona designed to provide our clients with a more personal service and representation than larger firms can offer. The legal world can be complex and nerve racking for those not used to the multitude of laws, statutes, code sections and regulations that control almost all that we do on a day to day basis.

We make every attempt to treat you in a respectful manner, and to explain everything that is taking place in any issues that you are having.

Our first step is to review your issue with you so we have all of the facts. Every situation is different, and we will not prescribe a solution until we have diagnosed the problem. Then we will make sure that you are aware of your rights and responsibilities in your case.

Our Mission

The Law Office of Ken Koenen, LLM wants to provide quality legal services for his clients at a reasonable fee. Our commitment is to return every phone call within one business day, either by the attorney working on your matter, or by an associate.

Areas of Practice

Ken is there to help with tax problems and questions. Are you faced with a possible tax liability, or are you unsure of your status on the sale of a residence? Ken can help you untangle the web of tax jargon, and put your mind at ease.

Many people think that with the change in the estate tax laws, they don’t need to worry as much about estate planning. Think again! The estate tax exemption is very high at the moment, but Estate Taxes has been eliminated and restored five times. There are many other reasons for estate planning. Go to our estate planning page for more information, and tune in to our webinar on June 20, 2018 here:

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Should you incorporate, form a partnership or Limited Liability Company, provide health care for employees, create an employee manual? These are all questions that face business people daily. In some cases it can be advantageous from a tax standpoint of a sole proprietor with no employees to form a Corporation or LLC. Let us help you with that decision.

Unfortunately, not everyone plans ahead. Even if someone dies with a will, their estate will still need to go through the Probate process, unless it is a small estate under $100,000. If there is real estate involved, even if under the Small Estate limit, a probate will be required. It can be time consuming and confusing if you do not know what to do. We are here to help.

Disputes arise in life, and sometimes people lose sight of the big picture, concentrating on their own situation. Many of these disputes can be resolved with the help of a third party who is has no interest in the outcome, but can help bring the parties to an agreement between them without resulting to opposing lawyers and lawsuits.

Contact Information

You may contact The Law Office of Ken Koenen by phone, fax, email by completing the form below. The numbers are all listed below.

Telephone: 623-888-6340

Toll Free: 866-946-3829 (866-WINETAX)

FAX: 623-321-9638

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