Ken Koenen provides legal services in a number of areas of the law. For more information on each one, click on the area of law of interest. He is also available to do seminars for your group on these topics. For more information on these seminars, click on “Seminars” below.


Ken is there to help with tax problems and questions. Are you faced with a possible tax liability, or are you unsure of your status on the sale of a residence? Ken can help you untangle the web of tax jargon, and put your mind at ease.

Estate Planning

Many people think that with the change in the estate tax laws, they don’t need to worry as much about estate planning. Think again! First of all, I don’t think the elimination of the estate taxes will remain. The Estate Tax has been eliminated and restored four times. Even if it does, however, there are many other reasons for estate planning. Click the link to learn more.

Wealth Preservation and Charitable Tax Planning

How can you help to protect your assets from taxation and possible loss, because your heirs are unable to pay the estate taxes due. There are ways to prevent this from happening, and at the same time, take current tax deductions. Good planning could save your family thousands of dollars.


Should you incorporate, form a partnership, provide health care for employees, create an employee manual? These are all questions that face business people daily. Don’t make the decision before it is too late.


Ken Koenen is certified as a mediator to help you resolve your dispute without expensive litigation. Before filing that lawsuit, see how mediation can help. In many contracts it is required before you file a lawsuit.


Unfortunately, not everyone plans ahead. Even if someone dies with a will, their estate will still need to go through the Probate process, either informal or formal, depending on the situation. It can be time consuming and confusing if you do not know what to do. Click on the link to learn more.

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