Tax Returns

Tax Refunds Will Be Delayed for Some in 2017

There have been some fraud issues related to tax refunds in the recent past, and there will be some delays in refunds for some people.

Federal  lawmakers late last year passed legislation that mandates that, starting with 2016 returns due in 2017, IRS must wait until Feb. 15 before issuing refunds to to taxpayers who claim either the earned income credit EIC) or the refundable child credit.  So, if you have a lower income and have children, thus triggering the EIC, your refund may not show up as quickly as you would hope.

Anti-fraud measures taken by the IRS to help detect tax identity theft and refund fraud could also result in delays for some.  There have been many stories of people in prison filing fake income tax returns and receiving thousands of dollars of refunds fraudulently.

Keep your identity safe.  Let us know your thoughts.

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