To properly prepare your tax returns you will need to provide your tax preparer with a significant amount of information.  In order for you to be organized, we have provided below links to tax organizers and record keeping information.

The following are links that will give you the basic tax organizers that will needed to address most of the normal, personal information that will be needed to prepare your return.

Tax Organizer – This organizer will address most common income and deduction items, such as salaries, retirement income, interest and dividends, as well as property taxes, medical deductions, mortgage interest and charitable donations.

Child Care Expense – If you pay someone for child care while you are working, you will need to complete this form.

Sale of Stocks – If you sold any stocks during the year, you will need to download this form and provide the appropriate documents from your brokerage that you receive after the end of the year.

Employee Business Expense – If you have un-reimbursed expenses related to your employment (not self employed), use this form to determine if you can deduct a portion of those expenses.

Employee Car Expense – As above, if you used your automobile for company business for your employer, but were not fully reimbursed for those costs, use this form for possible additional deductions.

Employee Home Office Expense – If you are salaried, but you use your home for an office, you could be entitled to deduct a portion of your home expenses. Use this form to determine the amount of your deductions.

Sale of Primary Residence – If you sold your home during the past year, you will need to determine if you have any capital gains taxes owed, or are eligible for an exclusion from capital gains. This form will help determine that.

If you operate a business or have rental income, there are many deductions that you are entitled to receive.  You also need to maintain better records, because you will not always be receiving information forms like W-2 or 1099.  These logs and organization forms will help you get the most out of your deductions.

Business Income and Expense Organizer – This Organizer is for the small business owner and independent contractor to help guide you through the many deductions available to you.

Self Employed Income and Expense Spreadsheet – This is an Excel spreadsheet that is best used throughout the year to keep track of your expenses and income.

Sample Mileage LogRecords should be kept of your automobile use, whether it is business, personal or commuting.  While there are other ways of keeping track, you can use this mileage log as a sample.

Car Expenses (Business) – When preparing your tax returns, car expenses can be a major portion of your business deductions. Be sure to be able to verify your starting and ending mileage.

Business Use of Home (Home Office) – If you qualify, you should maintain a home office. This will increase your deductions and save taxes. Here is our organizer to help determine what can be deducted.

Rental Property Organizer – If you have rental property, whether residential or commercial, organize your income and expenses on this organizer.

LLC Supplemental InformationIf you have formed an LLC with more than one member (other than your spouse) this is additional information that we need.

If you have something out of the ordinary, you might find help in our full organizer.

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